Friday 13-09: Will be streaming on starting from 20:00 CET, the remainder of my games + all of Ponis games + killmaster vs rzd (if theyre there)!!

On monday I saw that zoot had said that he didnt have a computer to stream the 1st groupstage of 125fps.

Nico gave me an invite to the september league so I felt like i owed him a favour, so I offered to cover mainly for the English stream (Zoot/Ins) and Russian stream (Ash/Agent etc) if needed.

He accepted and after 2 days of test-streaming Group A/B, I think everything is pretty much fixed and ready to go.

Basically whenever there is no English stream for the league we will do it, and if there is an English stream but not a Russian one we will do that too!

Big thanks to youngest for doing the actual streaming =D!