With two days left until signup deadline (10.9.2013) and two weeks until the lan (20-22.9.2013) here is the one of the last updates about the lan.

I'm pleased to announce that United Kingdom zoot and Portugal insan3 will take care of the onsite coverage. I'm also sure that they will take advantage of the cafe studio and provide great stream for all of you who are not able to attend.

For those coming by train/bus/aeroplane I have great news. Czech Republic shebin (oldschool Czech quaker) offers to do free taxi service from the train/bus station/airport to your hotel or the cafe place on thursday evening and friday morning. As far as I know, he can take 4 people and their luggage and also promised to have some Czech beer for the travellers as a welcome present. If you are interested, please query him on IRC (sh @ #lan-prague) as he is going to create a schedule of arrivals and handle it all by himself.

As for 120Hz monitors I can't say I have good news about those. So far I was only able to get confirmation about 15 monitors. I'm still trying to get at least one more, so let's hope I'll have better news later on. Here's the list of people who will bring their monitor(s). Considering that some people might arrive later or leave sooner, getting at least 3 more monitors would be better option. There are 3 monitors available in Netherlands, but I wasn't able to find anyone who could bring them. If you know somebody, please let me know.

Unfortunatelly I didn't receive trophy/medals yet, so I'm not able to show you those.

If there is anyone interested in any kind of help or sponsoring, please let me know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or #lan-prague @ Quakenet.

Links: esr Previous post, District cafe, YouTube Debtorr's invitation, mIRC #lan-prague, QuakeHistory page