id should make duel servers for low tier that offers this map pool, and face it should offer this map pool in lower level duel tournaments.

-1200 elo / tier 3 and under map pool

Forgotten - needs haste removed in duel
Fatal Instinct - This map can really teach new players the importance of sound. (needs lots of item changes only 1 ya in its current state)
Hearth - needs YA added where sg shells are
Power Station -needs red put in place of regen spawn
Spillway - needs haste removed in duel
Arena Gate
Sacellum - needs lots of item adjustment

Fatal Instinct and Sacellum need a lot of item rework. I will look them over.

These are all extremely basic maps, they will teach new duelers the importance of sound and item control and positioning.

-1400 tier 3 and under map pool

This is where you are at the stage to take on more learning and take another step up the ladder with more in depth maps.

Battle Forged
House of Decay
Hidden Fortress - Good map for learning how to cut off your opponent.
Proving Grounds

This is more just guessing. I'm not really a mid level dueler any more, but these maps are more complex but not as complex as something like ztn or t7. When I was brand new to quake 3 I felt most at home on those maps I listed in the low tier map pool. In quake 3 I felt that advanced me to a higher level. You learn quickly why you are winning or losing on these maps. The middle I'm not as concerned with but the entire lower tier I think would be a great improvement to QL. Since most of them are default id maps I don't see why it would be a problem having these servers with their own maps outside of the regular standard rotation.

This will not promote quake or face it in the short terms but could help in the long term much like a minor league of dueling. The thing that kept me around Quake was always the idea of competing, it is fun to compete no matter what level you are. You get the lower level duel community comfortable on map pools more suited to them, then introduce the tournaments and they will have more comfort signing up. This map pool could also provoke some FFA players who are familiar with these maps to try out duel.