New hype coming! What is it ? How it Works ?

It’s easy as pie, you win it, you’re the Ruller!

Since there is no Ruller(yet), we must have one team, with given proof that they can beat anyone else in the game. Therefore, a true Ruller!

For this, a competition will be held, with the top 8 teams known in ShootMania.The competition goes as follows:

Playoffs with random seeding of teams
All matches are “best out of 3″;
Final match will be played on a “best out of 5″ scheme;
Bronze Match will be played on a “best out of 5″ scheme;
All matches will have map bans from the map list untill 3/5 maps are chosen.

After the Ruller arise from the competition, and we all cheer of joy, the future begins!

Can you be the one ???

Dare to .....