Name: G.I. Jonesy
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The FPS community is massive. The problem is, most of the players use joysticks. Almost none of them convert to the mouse and keyboard. They give many reasons for why they refuse to switch, but I suspect all of their reasons are subterfuge. The purpose is to cover up the fact they simply don't know how to use a mouse and keyboard.

Unlike in other types of games, using a mouse and keyboard in an FPS is challenging. It is markedly different than using a joystick. It's like chopsticks compared to a fork. These console players are comfortable with their forks. Even though it takes little time to learn how to use chopsticks, they are still reluctant.

There are many remedies to the bottleneck. One, which would be the easiest and fastest, is to create a training program. It teaches the joystick user, step by step, how to use a mouse and keyboard. The first step would be mouse training. Learning how to aim with the mouse is the easiest and most beneficial step in the training. During this stage, the user would not need to use the keyboard. They simply aim and shoot in a 3-dimensional environment.

This particular solution could be employed within QL. The game is free, and any computer today can run it at full speed. If the bottleneck were expanded, and the players poured into QL, we could achieve the progress for which we've been searching.

The other solutions are more complicated, and do not need to be addressed in this column. But, expanding the bottleneck is precisely what needs to be done. To look around here, you'd think FPS's were dying, but really, it's just mouse and keyboard FPS'ing that's having trouble.