Okay guys, I think that the era of being #1 at thunderstruck is now over. I won't play thunderstruck anymore.

Starting from now on, I will practice either quakelive duel or starcraft 2 duel.

Remember some months ago when I said this already ? This time I will promise that I won't come back to thunderstruck, you can trust me on this one. I'm not #1 at thunderstruck anymore, but at least I did it. Not so much people can pretend to be #1. But like I said, I did it. I'm now too old to keep my title. I will let the new generation of quakers to battle for being #1, but for me, it's over... definitely over.

I officially retire from thunderstruck.

I'm looking for duel partners, and maybe a mentor who could help me to figure out my mistakes while playing duel. If you are ~1500 elo at duel, you can add me at quakelive.com. If you are around 1800-1900 elo, maybe you could help me to improve at duel, and give me advices and stuff.

I already have rzd, baksteen, szr, latrommi, strenx, gismo as quakelive friends. I will probably ask them for some advices and practice sessions. But I would like to have someone who could dedicate his time for me. Like, playing against me 4-5 times a week, and analyze each game. Like I said, someone at 1800-1900 elo would be ideal.