In two words: you can now see your ping to quakelive servers on website.

Locations tab in "Play Online" section: all quakelive servers sorted by ping. Right click Locations tab and click "Refresh Locations" to redo ping measurement of all servers. Last four ping results of a server are displayed as a tooltip to ping value.

Server tooltip is extended with ping information: mouseover interesting server and you will see your ping there. Ping icon is green when ping is lower than 45 ms, yellow if lower than 75 ms and red if ping is more than 75 ms.

Right click your friend in quakelive contact list and select "Send my locations" to send info about your nearest locations. When your friend has the same script and replies with his location info, his script automatically recommends servers based by the minimal ping differences. Servers with ping more than 100 ms are not considered as a recommendation. BTW, if you come up with more efficient server recomendation algorithm, I am open for suggestions.

Also, if your friend does not have qlping installed, he can just write in chat, for example, "UKR 30 ms, GER 50 ms", and when you send him your location info, your qlping script will also calculate recommendations.

In order to use this script, you have to install small and simple web browser plugin first, which makes UDP requests to servers. This plugin works only on page, other pages cannot access it (made that because of security consideratons). Installation is simple, instead of just userscript you install plugin and userscript.

Userscript link.

News / Changelog

New version:

2013-08-12 (1.11)

No need to reinstall plugin, only userscript is updated.

I am terribly sorry for my mistake with autoupdater, and now you have to uninstall older version of QLPing to get rid of a double "Locations" tab and double sending of locations info after updating to this version. You will see instructions for your browser in the first of a double "Locations" tab, or you can do it by yourself.

Autoupdater is finally fixed, will work normally in the future.

To update script in QLPrism, click Scripts -> Script Commands -> QLPing: Enable updates.

Fixed formatting for ping announcements in QLPrism.

Fixed "Locations" tab positioning in QLPrism.

Fixed counter in "Send my locations" procedure.

Fixed coloring and counter in the ingame ping announcer.

Added "Refresh Locations" button in "Locations" tab.

Added "Display scoreboard ping" option. Scoreboard ping may be closer to what you will see at the scoreboard in game and is calculated by formula (actual_ping + 1000/cl_maxpackets/2) ms.

More small fixes.

2013-07-28 (1.0)
No need to reinstall plugin, only userscript is updated.

New location info tab.

Showing pings for every IP address of a location. Still using average values for ping announcements (didn't find much difference between different servers on one location).

Nice formatting for ping announcements on website. Works only for people with installed userscript. People without userscript see that only as text, like in earlier versions.

Website location filter is updated when clicking on location in info tab or in web chat announcement.

Some small fixes.

First release.