Hey guys!

So I'm sure most of you are familiar with me through FACEIT.tv these days, but I'm starting to spam out the content once again on my other channels, but FACEIT related things take priority. I just wanted to give an update as to what I'm doing in the esports world so if anyone is interested they can check it out.

At the moment, I'm still uploading QuakeWorld 4v4 videos onto my channel, I have people who keep a closer eye than I can on the scene and send me demos for this.

As far as other content for my youtube goes, if you have anything at all you think I could do a commentary on or that would be cool, then link me and I'll check it out and see if I can put something together.

As far as streaming goes, I've started to stream some now. I felt like it would be interesting to get back to Masters in StarCraft 2: HOTS and document the journey live with my stream. I was dying to play a game I feel rewarded in (unlike the moba's although they are fun) and to improve again. I haven't played 1v1 in SC2 for 1.5 years or something like that, so I'm pretty rusty, although my mechanics aren't too bad. A common question seems to be: why no quake? Well at the moment I don't have a 120hz monitor on this setup, it's possible I can achieve this in the future and if it does I will definitely make efforts to get the quake happen on stream :).

On my wordpress I'll be writing articles that are related to the stuff I'm doing, whether it be casting, gaming or life related etc- the standard blog bollocks ;).

If I go live in the future, I'll tweet it, same goes for new videos and articles.

I know he's somewhat of a touchy subject on esreality, but I'd like to thank ZeRoQL for all the awesome work he's done for FACEIT.tv and for his help to improve the quality of my content generally, whether it be making graphics or transitions or otherwise, mad props go to him.

As far as the most recent content goes, I just uploaded an awesome QuakeWorld match. I actually messed up, in the future the audio will be studio quality and there won't be background music :P.

Anyway, I guess that's all from me. I feel a bit shameless making a journal to plug myself but there it is anyway, I guess that's what the journal entry is for.

See you on the weekend on FACEIT.tv :P

EDIT: I registered the domain name www.dankapadia.com and have forwarded my blog to there. Any new content that goes up on my youtube will appear there as well with a write-up of some kind. Just to let anyone interested know. Woohoo! Shameless plugging \o/