here's the vod of killsen answering questions after win vs qlr: I didn't catch it live. my guess is a lot of other people didn't either.


-cooller very hard to LG, cooller plays the game situationally, he will take a fight based on his confidence and whether or not he feels comfortable and he will judge the same for his opponent before attacking.
-played his match the gaming-insight offices
-talks about shot on toxicity at the very last second. thought cooller was less than 80 hp, but the three 5 hp bubbles probably put him above the threshold, which is why cooller took the risk to come out in the open
-loves railgun
-says he didn't play his best today, but played very well on ztn.
-cooller's style not comfortable for killsen to play vs.
-when asked "why he rushes the railgun when he spawns at plasma YA on ztn", he replies saying that you can almost always hit a free shot to mega and since he's very comfortable with the weapon, he doesn't see it as a risk.
-loves railgun
-says he prefers to play cypher in the final because he enjoys his style, but wouldn't care if he got evil instead.
-uses steelseries gear, 1000dpi on logitechg9x *might switch current mouse to sensei
-loves railgun
-current goal is to make FACEIT Spring finale
-talked about league of something