We are proud to announce our next WGA cup season. During this season, we will be featuring 7 competitions: iFT, FT, iCTF, CA, CTF, TDM and Duel.

As with any other competition, the main purpose is to keep this game active and alive, we therefore require not only the admins' efforts in managing the cups, but also the players' activity and decency in their participation. Moreover, it is essential for us as players and for the cups that our streamers will once again put our games in the spotlight. Furthermore, as the majority of us have noticed a decline in player count as well as cup-activity, we still think that there is a way to turn this ship around; however, as mentioned before this will require everyone's effort.

Without further ado, this is what you have to do in order to participate:

Lastly, the EU- and NA-finalists will play each other for the first and second spots in the overall cup standings and thus the prize money division, the runner-ups will play for the third spot overall. In order for us to establish the amounts for prize money, we will need as many players as possible to sign up on the website and follow us on Twitter and Twitch.TV.

In case there are still questions or problems with the site, please join #wgarena and ask any of the operators in there. Alternatively, you can /query cenix on Quakenet IRC.

Stream: rotnhlbox
Links: WGA, Twitter @WGarena, mIRC #WGArena