__// Hello World, actually i have set this up for me. Because time to time i like formating and redesigning everything in my computer with customized OS. So now i also wanted to share it with you.

__// Basics
// After you set up your drivers:
- Motherboard *1
- Display Card *2
- Directx
- Sound Card *2
you are almost done, because these are the most basic and must run components of a computer.

Then to play any game, we need to do some customizations on our Operating System -i will talk about Windows 7 which is the most used right now -.
1. Some tweaks: There is a file in the zip which is named: "Windows 7 Registry Tweaks.reg": just some basic tweaks to reduce menu show delay, auto end tasks, when you move anything with right click of the mouse, it will show COPY TO, and MOVE TO. No low disk space alert, disables using your computer remotely, and some take ownership script. So this will not give any harm to your computer at all, these are really basic, but if you don't know what you are doing please don't.

2. USB Hz fix: If want to use your mouse more smooth you need to do that. Explonation is in the file which is named hidusbf w7.zip

3. MouseFix: MarkC_Windows_8+7_MouseFix.zip, explanation is also in this file, and this is to correct your mouse movement pattern. With this is will move directly and at a constant speed.

4. Config: As a quake player i will give tips on this game ^^ : you can visit holysh1t to check some config ideas, also this site is awesome to understand the basics of the game before so much experience. Or you can just simply download mine.
__// Notes:

*1 This part is a bit tricky, start searching your motherboard on google for drivers. Then install them fist, before everything (not before service pack for your OS, for instance if you want an order for me it would be, Windows 7x64, windows 7x64 sp1, motherboard driver,…)

*2 Same procedure applies like *1.

-For directx.
Also you can find most of the recent drivers in filehippo-drivers which is really reliable source.

__// Simple to High-End User Programs Suggestions.

Text Editor:
Notepad++ 6.3
Sublime Text 2 - For my coding purposes mostly i use this editor. But main coding editor is Eclipse for me.
cfgGen v0.4 -for editing cfg files.

Security Essentials - This is what i use currently.
AntiVir Personal - Free and reliable antivirus, another alternative.

Computer Cleaner:
Ccleaner - Must have tool.

Cloud File System:

Archive tools:
WinRAR - not free but usable.

Multimedia Application:
PotPlayer - this one is what i use, it has great potential and also really less lag.
KMPlayer + CoreAVC codec - this is for experienced and wanna rule them all users .

Music Application:
WinAMP - actually i loved 2.9.5 version, it was so simple and easy to use and also awesome plugins.
foobar2000 - this is moreeeee simple.

Skype - this is the only one I will put there, but if some of you want more, you can check pidgin
Team Speak 3 : Speaking program for team games, as you are a gamer, set it up!

Digital Photopgraphy:

File Management:
Total Commander - One of the greatest of its kind. One of the must have apps ever.

Torrent Client:
tixati: Arguably the best torrent client.

Awesome Tools:
qlQLPrism: Shut Up and Download It!
Chocolatey: Silent installs to Windows like Linux. It was the biggest missing feature of windows. And now it is done.

If you dont want to mess with what do download, how to download, this setup will be ready to setup file (from ninite.com). - So just setup.

It includes: Google Chrome, Pidgin, iTunes, KMPlayer, foobar, Klite Codec Pack, Picasa, Open Office, Foxit Reader, Microsoft Security Essentials, uTorrent, Dropbox, imgBurn, 7zip, Phyton, Filezilla, Notepad++, Eclipse

- // Change Log
- First version
- Fixed links
- Added KMPlayer and CoreAVC
- Added IrfanView
- Added Total Commander
- Added some Text Editors
- Added Skype

special thanks to: nYmPhets