http://ql.marduk.tv/ (new domain: http://quakehub.com)

- Thumbnail/screenshot opens resizable popOut window with embedded video(resolution is relative to the popOut's size)
- Video title opens youtube/twitch video page in a new tab
- Button more adds next 6 videos
- Information about videos is loaded from local database
- Channels are checked for new videos every 3 hours
- Thumbnail pics are loaded directly from youtube/twitch
- Search results are ordered by upload date
- Non-alphanumeric([]//|\\{}.| etc.) characters are valid/included in search query

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Stream tracker
Tracks all quakelive streams on twitch.
One record per channel is created/updated..
Started tracking: 2013-02-14 03:00:00
19 channels streamed QL.. so far..


Made a lot of changes since last update & added 2 channels

Current status Sat, 9 March 2013


shown: 62 channels
in queue: 16 channels (not enough ql streams yet)
there is also some input from my side.. whitelist(channels that bypass queue, 3) and blacklist(ignored, 2)


SadlyTV = twitch > Past Broadcasts (only videos that have been marked as 'save forever')
Data changes:
> 'SadlyTV - ' part is removed from video titles

FACEITtv = twitch > Highlights
Data changes:
> Filtered, videos with 'CS:GO' are ignored
> 'FACEIT TV - ' part is removed from video titles

ZootLive = twitch > Highlights
Data changes: /

Ground Zero TV = youtube
Data changes: /

Deliberate Murder = youtube (cooke1337) + twitch (deliberatemurder) > Highlights
Data changes: /

Targetquake = youtube
Data changes: /

Level Up TV = youtube
Data changes: /

Adroits TV = youtube
Data changes:
> Filtered, includes only 'QL' and 'Highlights'

FiDestiny = youtube
Data changes: /

Memento's Lair = youtube
Data changes: /

Quake Live Demos = youtube
Data changes: /

QuakeCon = youtube
Data changes: /

QuakeLive TV = youtube
Data changes: /

Vod search will be back in next update.







Many changes.. including..

Tracker: Home
- 'YouTubers' channel box tracks all quakelive uploads on youtube (since 2013-06-19)
Tracker: Streams in queue
- Channels with status 0 are now not shown
Tracker: Settings (new)
- Changes are stored as a browser cookie