Have you ever dreamt of having an IRC channel on Quakenet for everything related with our beloved game - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory? We were always wondering why channel like this has never existed...

Almost every ET-Player uses IRC or has used it, or leave their offline BNC there till the next time they return. Most of us have our favorite channels that we join each time we connect to QuakeNet, but has there ever been this one channel to unite the community? That focus everyone in one place! Active players, members of the community no longer playing, moviemakers, simple Crossfire/GamesTV users, Public scene from all mods and so on.

We all usually create our teams' IRC channels with ".et" at the end. So why shouldn't we have a main channel for W:ET, welcoming all in our community?

What could be the benefits of joining this channel?
- The entire ET community would be in one place.
- If you have an issue to some player, you don't need to struggle with finding him over IRC anymore because you can easily find him on this channel.
- You are new in Enemy Territory world and need some tips from other more experienced players? Don't hesitate and just ask!
- You need piece of advice about Enemy Territory? For example about running a clan, a tournament or just need some tips about ET gameplay? You can just ask for a help on a main channel.
- You are struggling with some problem concerning installation of ET or some cfg problems or whatever? You can just ask now.
- You are in a middle of the game and you need a merc because somebody had to leave? It's no problem now because you have everyone in one place and you can just ask for a merc on a main channel.
- We’re going to host some sort of cups (ODC in both 3v3/6v6, longer cups etc)

We could go on and on for hours as these are just few examples of the benefit of this channel, because we think we can add anything related to ET to that list! [/list]
Also we want to highlight right now, that we will not try to replace any of #XonX.et channels, because they will always be the main channels for Enemy Territory, especially #6on6.et as it's the main format of this game.
It is not our intention to replace them with one channel (like few guys have already tried), our main goal with this channel is to focus whole community in one place. It might be a great idea, especially now when the community is smaller than ever.

We are also planning to release a new version of ET Pack 2013 and it should be available soon.

The main admins of this channel so far will be:

Upcoming event
We are currently working on hosting some high quality tournament for our beloved Enemy Territory community. We still need to improve and discuss some things about the idea so an official announcement will be posted soon, stay tuned and remember to idle #et !

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