Greets from South Africa

I seriously need to improve my 1v1 game.. I watch loads of demos and try to practice a few games a day.. I am just not improving at all.

I really dont want to hear advice like "watch more demos" or "practice practice practice"!

I'm looking for some sort of proper guide, advanced tutorial video blog style guide on some advanced techniques on how to improve your 1v1 game.

Links would be appreciated!


update: some vids I've watched that I found to be helpful since OP - will add more as I find
Twister - Improving at Quake:
Strenx - Quake Live Duel Lessons #1 - Positioning:
Quake Duel Theory by DDK:
Vids from Oz:
ESR Wiki:
QuakeLive plays ep #1 by ddk: