While the mice are being developed, I have also been working on a mouse mat. Here are the planned specifications:

Material: Cloth with rubber base
Type: low friction / speed
Size: 450-500mm x 350mm x 4mm
Packaging: flat (not rolled up)
Edges: High density stitching
Logo: Dyed in, not sprayed on

Also its not confirmed yet, but the base might be two layers. The base would be 2mm soft rubber, and the top would be 2mm harder rubber (higher density), so you get a bit of softness so your wrist is comfortable, and the surface is harder so your mouse feet don't sink in too much and cause too much friction.

Its designed mostly for sensors with the A3090 and A3050 optical sensors on the Aurora and Velocity, so some specifications may change in order to increase performance.

The colours I was thinking of were:
- black (or dark grey)
- white (or light grey)
The grey is really just to be different, it depends how well it works with the sensor though.

At the moment I'm just getting it in black, to test the surface material and overall quality. If its good then I'll get more colours and do a small test.

Here is a photo of the mat (sorry its not the best quality, better ones with closeups will be coming really soon):

Here is some design ideas with the logo position and style I was thinking of:
There is a background on those pics, but they may not make it into the final versions because the A3090 can sometimes be picky about colour changes in the surface, but if theres not too much contrast it probably won't make any difference (will be tested though).

As always, let me know what you think and any ideas and opinions you have!


I thought I'd let the ESR community come up with a name for the mat, so if you have one in mind, post it in this thread and you'll be automatically entered into the competition. The winning name will be chosen by me. I was going to say whoever gets the most plusses, but I know ESR a bit too well haha, No product is going to be called the Ninox "Jamerio = virgin". OK!? ;)
(for those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm refering to this: https://www.esreality.com/post/1252609/entry-36/ ).

The winner will receive the mouse mat for free when its finished, Also it may be possible to customise it a bit (eg have your game tag on it), but can't promise it just yet (will let you know).

The competition ends when a name is chosen, but there will be a couple of weeks to let people see the thread and come up with one.
Note: If two people say the same name, the person who said it first wins. Also, links are not valid entries, the actual names you want entered into the competition have to be in the post (otherwise its too hard to verify who said which name first).