If you'd like to know the preliminary events, check my previous journal entry: 'Quake Live - Damage Output Imba - 1 - Ban'.
Follow up is Part 3: [link] - VODs


In this journal I will reply to Memento_Mori, outline more possible ways how to proof that I have been banned unjustified, and also trying to be reflexivitive about me and videogaming.

Table Of Contents

I. The reply
II. Reaching new levels of proof
....... a - 1st level: Theoretically
....... b - 2nd level: Practically
....... c - 3rd level: Hilarious
III. Résumé
IV. Reflexivity

I. The reply

In response to Memento_Moris reply:
- Prove that false positives are possible. Take a fresh machine, install only the game, create a new account, and then try to get the false positive to hit again while you document everything. If you manage to come up with a bug report that other people (id software employees for instance) can recreate, then it will show the detection flaw as well as your good will.

ID-software, the quakelive team or whoever is administrating and is responsible for this and could lift my ban, they could tell me, what they expect me to do.

As in ClanBase, ESL or other leagues it is required from the players to fulfill some criteria. E.g. matchmedia upload, keeping of matchmedia for a certain period, and if a player is caught cheating, he has to write some kind of letter of apology, and then has to wait a certain period and then is allowed to play again.

I mean, I could take this even up to three levels in terms of proof.

II. Reaching new levels of proof

II.a - 1st level: Theoretically

I have played enough other games to show what I am able to do. Never be the best, but never be the worst either. Decent div 2, especially as defender in UT2004-iCTF.

Also administration of clans, contributing to leagues and gaming communites mostly ut2004 ictf, WarSow, Cube... (interviews as mp3s with transcripts ^ translations,.. little to more admin work, and so on). Ah perhaps a bit of shoutcasting here and there in QL with moppz. Of course in every game supporting new players, by helping them to improve their game, and be surprised how a few are able to excel really fast, and be happy that they are surpassing my abilities and pushing the limits.

I admit that I haven't had much LAN appearances, since now less than five LANS attended. My SNES and n64 victories at local shops are possibly not noteworthy and there exists no stored coverage about it. That reminds me of winning a red Gameboy at the IFA when it was new, and my parents told me, that they have seen me on TV, but they didn't record it. The red gameboy belongs to the 'Play It Loud!'-Game Boy series, using a coloured shell, but still using the monochromic display and other aspects from the Classic Game Boy. That should have been around 1995 or maybe 1996. I don't know exactly anymore.

Not even my LAN-café experiences with CS could count, since the shops are closed, the computers are gone, the people aswell, and overall I didn't enjoy that game playing there. Maybe because of the annoying enemies and allies, treating you, if you are either too good or too bad. The last time I played somewhere it ended in a brawl.

I could go further back in time... but all the consoles are sold, the proof is not available. Only memories.

II.b - 2nd level: Practically

Raising another idea, which I had during my (rather .... mediocre) EPS time.

I could record myself playing, just as the SC2-players do in a lot of their livestreams:

- Others could witness the ingame action
- Additionally I could also set up various cameras, to record how I actually play:
--a- mouse movement (right hand)
--b- keyboard handling (left hand)
--c- head position
--d- total body shot
--e- eye-tracking (maybe, gotta ask around who at my U could help me with that)
--f- additional things

-note 1: views a-d from top, left and right view
-note 2: view e-f* for other analytical stuff

View a-d could be set up to, not only to analyze my gaming behaviour, but also to gather data for some analysis related to an ergonomical point of view.

Depending on the available technology I could also use other sensors, so that they can record some other data (heart rate, stress factor, body temperature, ...). I could go on with the list of ideas.

Where to apply the then-available data on? There are a lot of ways and possible useful scenarios.

II.c - 3rd level: Hilarious

I could even send them my gaming rig (hf with a refurbished dell gx620) with the mouses that I used, with the monitor I used. Or the trackball, or the whole desk,... I am perhaps exaggerating now, but yeah - I trust that the reader may get my point.

III. Résumé

Now the QL team doesn't bother about this. SyncError plussing another comment to signalise he read my journal, but doesn't bother to reply in an appropiate way. I am just another former customer.

I don't need to proof them anything, I don't feel like I need to do that what I could do, because they don't care about this case. If I would do more now, I would give them publicity for free, but for what in return? Nothing.

IV. Reflexivity

What I did is not for them. It is for me, because I enjoyed what I did in gaming. For the ones that I helped to improve their gaming. If others benefit from the things that I did, then it may be good.

I can't say currently that I will never play QuakeLive again, or other games, because if I'd have the opportunity, I'd love to play vs. my old buddies to revive the past time, and perhaps after a certain time of absence feeling the thrill of winning a match and trying to pushing my own limits yet again.

Actually, I do benefit a lot, from being banned. I realized, I have spent too much time with this hobby, where I could have improved in other areas of my life even more and faster, using my full potential. The past time since the ban, I was so productive, as I haven't been since years.

I will stay a videogamer, despite that I am going to play less and less, the older I get.

But time is running, it is actually really scarce. Time to focus on major things in life.

P.S.: Dear SyncError, dear Sasparillo,
you are allowed to answer on my journal entries, my thoughts - don't be shy!

P.P.S.: If the ESL doesn't bother to lift my PenaltyPoints (#1: since 14.11.2010 + #2: since 24.04.2011) soon (where me and a few others raised a protest ticket against it), I guess I have to write... yet another journal. But not now. It takes time to make something qualitative.

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