CyAC is pleased to announce the 6th installment of Quake Live Sunday Duel Cup for India, Singapore, UAE, Japan and Australian players! The cup is spread over a weekend, 3rd November 2012 onwards. Recommended time is 19:00 IST / 22:30 JST / 21:30 SGT , but matches can be played at any time on the weekend. Contact your opponent over Webchat IRC on the tournament page. Use Mibbit Webchat CyAC Channel to get in touch with your opponent! Go ahead & sign up!

Scheduled: Sunday 18:00 IST / 21:30 JST / 20:30 SGT -- LIVE BROADCAST @

Cup Format: 1v1 Single Elimination
Servers to be used: Singapore Official Quake Live Servers

Please see the following links for all the details: Summary and Participants, Sign Up, Rules