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Rating: 7.7 (97 votes)
Today we, the Q2 scene, present to you a new and latest released frag movie. This is definitely one of the best and perhaps THE best Quake 2 Frag-movie that you will ever see. This movie was supposed to be released in 2005 (Trailer) and now after more than six years, here it is.
The movie is about the Poland Armia Krajowa clan which is one of the best polish clans back in the days and maybe one of the best clans around in that time,here is a note from them about this release :

"We would be very pleased if you let know all your inactive q2 buddies about this release. The movie was supposed to be finished and published in sprint of 2005. Now, after more than six years, we guess we owe them a few frags. Armia Krajowa."

The movie is a little long but it is not boring at all. The sound track is really nice which suits the movie pretty well. The frags are awesome with insane air-rockets and amazing rail-shots and let's not forget the old-school grenade frags which are always a pleasure to see. This is not The Final Act, this is definitely The Final Art.