First of all, I'd like to know what regular paid competitions remain for QuakeLive. I only knew Zotac, and I heard about that russian cup with money but I have no news of it. I'd like to write an article about the real state of the esport scene (that means only competitions with money involved, maybe price lots). Let's imagine QuakeLive continues with 3 Lans a years, basically QCon and two DreamHacks, what other competitions are there to maintain a semi-professional scene nowadays ? (no need to mention Adroits, I know about it, or UGC since it's a ghost for now).

Second point, rapha and some other people have already been talking about the possibility for the audience (us) to give some money to boost or create cashprices for competitions. While that idea may seem crazy, I think I would give a small amount of money, like maximum 5 euros, to help a competition with cashprice. If we can't rely on sponsors and on id software (I mean, the guys are probably working hard to get good stuff coming but at the moment that didn't pay off), but we want QuakeLive to remain in the professional scene, then perhaps we should do these kind of things. Imagine a monthly competition, 500 people give 1 euro. That's a 300 / 150 / 50 cashprice for the first three players (or whatever distribution).

I think 3 or 4 big lan events aren't good enough to keep the hype, we need regular competitions like Zotac with money to keep the game afloat.

TL,DR : Would you give small amount of money regularly to help maintain a competitive "professional" scene for QuakeLive ?

P.S : I don't even think it would be a disaster if QuakeLive was no more a esport game. I mean, I would still enjoy the game as much, I don't earn money with it anyway so that downfall doesn't really touch me. The thing is, QuakeLive is, according to me, the best fast FPS we have now as far as gameplay and show for the spectators and I like to see very good players compete.