nd than i start touching myself while playing quakelive CA/DUEL with sum nubs LOL bcuz 2ez I wat best ztn/dm6 quakeliver after match i go IRC.QUAKENET.ORG #QLRANKS up to new EYO )))
-- lowcake

Channel full with ELO whores + crashed QLRANKS bot + sleepy admins + trollbot = lulz

Jul 31 21:36:41 <ffx> are u bored 12 or just mentally ill?
Jul 31 21:37:21 ffx has quit (Quit)

All of 3. Continuing:

<[nsi]Oxid3> !update col
<[nsi]Oxid3> quess the bot is sleeping
<runny> most likely martin

Bot is sleeping??? I can help!

QLRANKS (~QLRANKS@5355919A.cm-6-6c.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #QLranks

Winner winner, chicken dinner. Everyone is gaining EYO from now on.

Sometime later:
http://i.imgur.com/HwiWW.png - totally not suspecious

Bot was getting used fairly often every minute. Here is a portion of the reactions it got:
http://i.imgur.com/IjWCX.png - crazy bot
http://i.imgur.com/kq7bA.png - lol& ? )) silly Russians
http://i.imgur.com/tGckM.png It's a bug)
http://i.imgur.com/QDuhb.png Btw site not updated)

5 hours later I decided everyone is a loser:
http://i.imgur.com/kLqan.png -250 elo over 9 matches, Sacrebleu!
http://i.imgur.com/5s5AT.png - just relax, its bugged
http://i.imgur.com/nLiDE.png - the website is ok ( I agree! )
http://i.imgur.com/BCYA3.png - Agreed
http://i.imgur.com/mVHeD.png - sux2bu

7 hours later:
http://i.imgur.com/6pg5P.png - People we're getting desperate to have their EYO updated, even trying it in #quakelive
http://i.imgur.com/6If0N.png - Halp!! Meh EYO is allw gownz ?1/!/1?? :(((
http://i.imgur.com/IrwG9.png - Baksteen is amused

Then szr came in and I went undercover for 5 minutes

To come back with bigger EYO losses:

Jul 31 21:46:23 <cfebns> !updateca cfebns
Jul 31 21:46:25 <QLRANKS> >> Updating cfebns. Scanning recent CA games...
Jul 31 21:46:29 <QLRANKS> >> cfebns->ca has been updated. Elo: 1370-->1194
Jul 31 21:46:37 <cfebns> what the fuck

Jul 31 22:35:48 <hamstahue> :o
Jul 31 22:36:07 <scr> it doesnt really work atm
Jul 31 22:36:12 <hamstahue> seems like it

Jul 31 22:38:30 <hed1n> !update hed1n
Jul 31 22:38:32 <QLRANKS> >> Updating hed1n. Scanning recent DUEL games...
Jul 31 22:38:36 <QLRANKS> >> hed1n->duel updated. 5 matches scanned. Elo: 1279-->936
Jul 31 22:38:40 <hed1n> haha
Jul 31 22:38:42 <hed1n> WTF?!
Jul 31 22:39:07 <hed1n> bot have brains illness?

Jul 31 22:40:11 <Laerin> went down 200 elo in 3 matches? ok
Jul 31 22:40:29 <Laerin> Lol, looking up, everyone's gone down

Jul 31 23:11:02 <Arronax> wtf
Jul 31 23:11:27 <Arronax> !update arronax
Jul 31 23:11:27 <QLRANKS> >> Updating arronax. Scanning recent DUEL games...
Jul 31 23:11:29 <QLPrism-User-10> some bug
Jul 31 23:11:30 <QLRANKS> >> arronax->duel updated. 6 matches scanned. Elo: 1456-->1114
Jul 31 23:11:33 <QLPrism-User-10> all elos go down atm
Jul 31 23:11:34 <gicht> !update snoppy_msu
Jul 31 23:11:34 <QLRANKS> >> Updating snoppy_msu. Scanning recent DUEL games...
Jul 31 23:11:36 <Arronax> rofl
Jul 31 23:11:38 <QLRANKS> >> snoppy_msu->duel updated. 6 matches scanned. Elo: 1300-->1245
Jul 31 23:11:41 <Arronax> shouldnt have updated
Jul 31 23:11:44 <szr> !setflag sharondenadel ru
Jul 31 23:11:59 <Arronax> szr we won't lose elo's right?
Jul 31 23:12:47 <szr> !setflag sharondenadel ru
Jul 31 23:12:50 <szr> eh?
Jul 31 23:13:03 <Arronax> bot is bugged atm I think
Jul 31 23:13:12 <Arronax> elo's going down
Jul 31 23:13:22 <szr> hmm lol
Jul 31 23:13:26 <Arronax> no ranking message
Jul 31 23:13:27 <szr> bot is down xD
Jul 31 23:13:32 <szr> bot isnt the bot
Jul 31 23:13:37 <Arronax> oh
Jul 31 23:13:38 <Arronax> lol
Jul 31 23:13:43 <Arronax> someone is trolling right
Jul 31 23:13:44 * szr sets ban on *!*@5355919A.cm-6-6c.dynamic.ziggo.nl
Jul 31 23:13:46 <scr> lol

By now I had been in bed, sleeping for over 2 hours. The bot had been running 11 hours and 10 minutes. I don't know how much people it tricked but I'm guessing well over 500. I wasen't able to kill the bot ( untill the timer that I set killed it ) so QLRANKS had to bring in "QLRANKS-backup" (due to the nickname already in use).

Jul 31 23:17:57 <szr> some cunt has connected to quakenet as QLRANKS which blocks the bot from joining
Jul 31 23:19:20 * szr has changed the topic to: www.QLRanks.com | BOT DOWN
Jul 31 23:19:54 <szr> cant reboot bot cuz qlranks name is reserved on quakenet and cant modify irc bot code because i dont have the up to date version

All in all a sucessfull day at trolling for someone really bored. Sorry for making "szr" and "Sirax" look bad, the work they've done for the community is well appreciated and I'm a big fan of qlranks.com. They'll probaly hate me forever, but it was worth the entertainment and I dont give a fuck.

cu on lan warpnudges
inb4 nolifer