In the first division of the Quake 2 European Duel League the two best Quake 2 duellers fought against each other (ESReality).

Quake 2 god Sweden PURRI doesn't need to be introduced. He won against Finland Damiah right before this match. Player Poland David is playing Quake 2 since a long time, but not in a competitive way or in any international tournament. This is his 3rd season of highlevel duelling so some people see him as a newcomer. EDL mappool contains new maps. Grand Final infos. Maybe it isnt really news because the game took place on June 14th, but it was a newsitem today on tastyspleen rssfeed.

Vods by Tastyspleen TV (shoutcast by Jehar, with some assistance from Welkin & brzn): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3