Scheduled: 07:00 CDT, 3 June 2012 to 11:30 CDT, 3 June 2012
Schedule: Passed

Only two weeks separate us from the highly anticipated Dreamhack 2012 event, which makes this week's zotac the penultimate online cup for attendees to practice, although everyone else who would like to try their luck to obtain the 100€ prize is welcome, beginners and veterans alike. You can view the VODs from the previous week on following links in both United Kingdom English and Germany German language.

Some of the Rising stars will test their skills before the cup, including Spain Sl1p, Estonia rehepapp, Latvia bukster and Netherlands baksteen. Eastern European giants are already signed up, with names such as Belarus Cypher, Poland Av3k and Russia agent. Other contenders are Belgium dem0n, Lithuania guard and Portugal ins. Last minute signups include Russia evil, Russia pavel_ and Germany twister. Notable contestants will be added once the signups go live.

VOD: United Kingdom LevelupTV
Links: Tournament page + Streams + Brackets, mIRC #zotac.qlive // HoF