Hi there,

I am again facing some really annoying sensitivity problems.
Before going further, here's my setup :

Steelseries Kana, Drivers Installed, Running @ 1600DPI
MarkC Fix
Windows 7/11 (which is 1.5 multiplier if I recall)
sensitivity 24
m_cpi 1600
cl_mouseaccel 0
m_yaw default
in_mouse 2

With m_cpi set, sensitivity is cm/360, but I have 7/11,
so my sens would basically be 360/24 / 1.5 = 10cm
EDIT : as stated in comments, in_mouse 2 is WM_INPUT, so windows sens doesn't matter.
Thus sens is 15cm

My problem is that the sensitivity fluctuates from one QL launch to another.
I am not speaking about the weird sensitivity bug where you mouse just feel really laggy, it happens to me as well, I restart QL and it's gone.

My sensitivity changes in terms of speed.
I have to navigate between 22 and 26 depending on the games...
It has been workly perfectly at 24 without changes during almost 2 weeks, and then it started to mess around.

Hopefully, 24 is a high value and combined with m_cpi, it gives me a fine granularity to adjust.

But it's really a nightmare since I'm rarely 100% comfortable with my sens.

I am thinking about putting 6/11 windows and adjust sens value to have the desired speed, at least windows would be 1:1.

Do you think it could solve the issue ? Windows sensitivity multiplier is supposed to be linear (opposed to the damn wrong acceleration curves) so that would surprise me.

Maybe the mouse can't handle such high DPI and I'd better set 800DPI / sensitivity 12 ? What bothers me is that it doesn't fluctuate in-game, it's really on a QL launch basis.

Did any of you experience such problems ? Do you have any ideas ?