Just came across this fine TV show couple of days ago. If youre british youre probably heard about it as it was aired in 2011 on an english channel.

Penn and Teller are Las Vegas headliner magicians, somewhat of the Cooller and Cypher of the magician subculture from what i figured out...

It is basically a talent show, where attendees have to perform their own act and if they cant figure out what was the trick in a short time they win a trip to LV with an opportunity to perform on P&Ts own show.

Having that said it differs from what you'd expect from a talent show, there isnt any unneccessary drama, crying, "send an sms for your favorite", etc bullshit just entertaining magic acts and a little discussion about them. I found it very enjoyable despite almost never watching TV or any TV related content.

Here are the links for the first seven episodes:








Unfortunately from what i read in the comments the show got cancelled because of dropping numbers, which is a shame but kind of expected as it isnt only appels to braindead people who emptying their mobile phone credits on X-factor and the likes... HF!