Hi everybody!

As there is eastertime in most countries during the next weeks, DrahtMaul and I decided to start a new cup-season. But this time we offer you something special:

The "Seen my eggs?" Capture the egg 3on3 Easter Cup on the 15th of april!
Checkins 15.30 PM CET // Begin 16.00 PM CET

- 3on3
- Timelimit 15
- Capturelimit 15
- bo3, Groupphase + SE
- irc: #vbcup
- stream: Not yet (If someone is willing to stream pls feel free to tell me! :) )
- mappool:
wdm4, wctf2, wctf3, wctf4
(Still not definite, we thought about dm7 and some other maps, feel free to test them out!)

VB-Tourney Cuppage:

It'll be all about seeking eggz and bringing them into your base.
At first it sounds like CTF, but it's rather more addictive!
To show you guys some of the basics, here's a short video with some intructions to CTE:

(In the video its said 15. march, its 15. of april ofc!)

(Further information to CTE can be found here: http://pastebin.com/wPJ9CWea )

We recommend to play CTE 2on2/3on3, the Cup will be 3on3, though 2on2 is also really fun, as it's more tactical and you've gotta teamplay much more.
Servers were allready set up to let u play some rounds in the next two weeks, also pw-protected ones!

connect server.kandru.de:4800
connect server.kandru.de:4900; password vbcup
connect server.kandru.de:2300; password vbcup

In the end i'd like to tell you that there supposably will be some more slight changes, CTE's is not totally finished yet, even though not heavy ones. Nevertheless we'd highly appreciate if you post your first impressions and share your thoughts and feedback to assure a great cup-experience!
Ofcourse, questions can be asked either here or in irc!

So what,
we're really looking forward to this cup, let's go for many sign-ups and a great afternoon!

DrahtMaul and Pikku