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Seeking Testers for Premium Pak 12
Since the release of QLPP11, the Quake Live development team has been hard at work at preparing your next content update. Due to the substantial number of changes made in the update, we are seeking volunteers to test the release candidate of the upcoming Quake Live Premium Pak 12.

Next week we will begin adding new testers to our Focus team. If you are interested in volunteering, please read the below requirements and expectations before replying.

Requirements for Applying:
Premium or Pro Subscriber
Account created before November 30, 2010
No account suspensions on record

What you should expect:
Early access to new code and content.
Daily play tests Monday - Friday (on TX, NY, UK, and NLD servers)
Developer play tests from 4pm - 5pm central time on TX or NY servers.
Tester initiated play tests organized on IRC, at various times and locations.
Communication and feedback given through IRC and Focus Forums

What we expect!
Complete confidentiality
A good attitude and civility with testers and developers.
Regular participation in our scheduled play tests.
Initiative to play matches on focus, outside of the scheduled play test times.
Ability to take simple notes to document issues or oddities as they are found.
Weekly, if not daily, feedback to communicate issues found during play tests.
Ability to separate bug reports from suggestions, and provide both types of feedback in the appropriate locations.

To sign up, reply with the below information:

Operating System:
Web Browser:
Favorite Gametype:
Estimated Skill Level:
Closest Region:


Sign me up!
OS: Windows XP
Web Browser: FireFox 10
Gametype: CTF or Any Team Games
Skill: Tier 4
Region: TX

Edit: QLPP 12 partial changelog