I had this idea in mind since the first 2D visualization I made for Bloodrun. The concept is pretty simple: get a 2D visualization of a demo. CS has had a minimap for ages, and while one can argue about the benefits in-game, I saw most of the potential in the demo-review process.

Ideas are nice, but it's the realization that makes them worth. I therefore went and ask for help to myT, the guy behind UDT project. He and I had some nice IRC discussions, and from there we began a cooperation that, in a couple of days, brought us here.

The viewer runs as an independent program, and has basic visualization features.

This is the first working prototype, and it might take some time before we reach the release to the public. Our hope is to be able to integrate everything into UDT itself.

We started with duel for simplicity reasons, but eventually see TDM and CTF as domain where this could provide the most benefits.

For now, I just wanted to share this first result. As usual, your feedback is welcome. Thank you in advance.

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