First of all, this is my very first post here =P

I played Quake Live since November 2008 (but for some reason, some update in January 2009 happened and restarted the Join date of my account, so tell me if I was wrong with this part), but never heard about this forum before BiCH1to's QCon post (So I've ever posted my video creations in the QL forum).

If this answers your question: Yes, I'm noob. (?)

Maybe some people knew me before, from the 300 QL related videos in QL forums or from YT community, and when I visited this forum, I realized maybe there's still a lot of people who didn't know yet.

So, here's my stuff made a long time ago:

Quake Lemmings!

300 battle - Quake Live version

300 - This Is QUAKE LIVE

ArKL1Te - You are the only... FUUUUUUUU---- Q

Last one is just a very old wolfcam demo, made a year ago (read the description for more info):

Hope you like my stuff! =)