Hello, we are the QLRanks (aka QLR) team. Over the past week we have started working on a big project which aims to bring the much needed ladder rating system to the Quake Live community, we are making very good progress and we have already got a working proof of concept version. As you can see there is still quite a lot of work to be done especially with the front end in terms of web design and the ratings might seem a little inaccurate at the moment but that is just because it's so early on, we have only processed a few days worth of matches which means there isn't much interplay between the players, we also know that it's unlikely that we have every player in our database, however the system is constantly adjusting the ratings and they will improve rapidly.

As this is only a proof of concept and we are busy working on this project, the website will only be up for 6 hours as a sneak peak.

P.S. Details about how the system works will be included in an FAQ section.

Link: www.QLRanks.com
IRC: #QLRanks

Thanks for your time! :)

QLR Team