It appears I was banned through a combination of trolling, chat spamming, advertising hacked servers, but not hacking.

The hacked DeFraG server hasn't been blocked yet by Quake Live. If Sync really cared about the hacked server/banned, then why doesn't he block it? Nobody else who joined the hacked server was banned, only me.
And since I'm the only one who joined the hacked server and I got banned, I believe the matter is personal.

For the chat spamming incident, I haven't spammed chat in the past 8 months. Sync won't even provide me a single demo or chatlog.

It's sad to see Quake Live has bizarre priorities. They focus on banning 21% accuracy shitties like me but not hackers like xhilerate. Why? Because xhilerate has fucking "Premium" right next to his profile name.

Status #exposedX #quakeliveX SyncError|workX
[11:18] <SyncError|work> First off, list what accounts you are speaking about.
[11:18] <Fudge> Fudge911
[11:18] <SyncError|work> So that I can actually look up the account status and ban reasons.
[11:18] <Fudge> k "Fudge911"
[11:20] <Fudge> It's an IP ban, not an account ban
[11:20] <Fudge> but Sponge said I was IP banned for something that happened on my Fudge911 account
[11:22] <SyncError|work> Ah okay so
[11:22] <Fudge> yes?
[11:22] <SyncError|work> What I see is that your main account is banned until 02/17/2011 for excessive spamming of in-game chat.
[11:23] <SyncError|work> But your alt accounts...
[11:23] <Fudge> k, thats what sponge said
[11:23] <Fudge> umm, i havent spammed chat in the past 6 months
[11:23] <Fudge> is there a specific demo or chatlog>?
[11:23] <SyncError|work> That may be the case, I wouldn't know.
[11:23] <Fudge> are you allowed to tell me who banned me?
[11:23] <SyncError|work> Regardless if evidence is turned in, its fair for a punishment to be given, even if it was delayed.
[11:24] <Fudge> if no evidence is turned in within the next week or so, will i still be banned?
[11:24] <SyncError|work> Looks like your alt accounts were banned for joinin a pirate server..
[11:24] <SyncError|work> and that is where the ip ban is coming from.
[11:24] <SyncError|work> No one is banned for such things without evidence being turned in.
[11:24] <Fudge> this may seem unrelated, but are you DrHorrible?
[11:24] <SyncError|work> Someone had to have sent a demo to support, had that demo reviewed, and judged by support.
[11:25] <Fudge> one my my friends told me to connect to the server, and i idd :(
[11:25] <SyncError|work> Sounds highly unrelated? :)
[11:25] <Fudge> i didnt know it was a pirated server
[11:25] <Fudge> if no evidence is turned in within the next week or so, my ban will be lifted?
[11:26] <SyncError|work> I already answered that!
[11:26] <SyncError|work> "No one is banned for such things without evidence being turned in."
[11:26] <Fudge> yes but i was still banned
[11:26] <SyncError|work> Yes
[11:26] <Fudge> even though there was no evidence?
[11:26] <SyncError|work> so someone turned something in.
[11:26] <SyncError|work> No
[11:26] <SyncError|work> There had to have been evidence.
[11:26] <SyncError|work> Someone submitted a demo.
[11:26] <Fudge> ....
[11:26] <SyncError|work> We dont ban people on word-of-mouth.
[11:26] <Fudge> amd i allowed to request a copy of the demo?
[11:27] <SyncError|work> As you noted, maybe it was an old demo.
[11:27] <SyncError|work> I don't know that, I haven't seen the demo.
[11:27] <Fudge> regardless of the content of the demo, if it concerns me, and i allowed to see it?
[11:27] <SyncError|work> But if you were banned, its because it was either behavior observed by an admin, or another player submitted a demo, and that demo was then reviewed.
[11:28] <Fudge> so let me get things straight, is the chat spamming ban and IP ban?
[11:28] <Fudge> or is it joining the cracked server bit
[11:28] <Fudge> regardless of the content of the demo, if it concerns me, and i allowed to see it?
[11:28] <SyncError|work> No, we don't make a practice of sending reports back to players, that's a really bad practice for a lot of reasons.
[11:28] <SyncError|work> More so in the cases of cheating..
[11:29] <SyncError|work> ..but I don't see a reason to do so.
[11:29] <Fudge> youre talking about "a" demo
[11:29] <Fudge> why would i get a chat ban for 2 months if I did spam a few lines of text?
[11:29] <Fudge> in one game
[11:29] <Fudge> doesnt that sound a bit severe?
[11:29] <SyncError|work> Again I have not seen the demo.
[11:29] <SyncError|work> It may have been constant spam
[11:30] <SyncError|work> or may have had vulgar/racists/sexists/who knows what content in it.
[11:30] <Fudge> will you review it? or is that ordus' job?
[11:30] <SyncError|work> That is the job of Customer Support.
[11:30] <Fudge> problem is, i havent gotten a definite reply in 6 days :(
[11:31] <SyncError|work> Our offices are officially closed from Dec 26th-Jan 3rd.
[11:31] <SyncError|work> I'm actually in here on my day off atm, we open tomorrow.
[11:31] <Fudge> ah
[11:32] <Fudge> if the evidence appears to be faulty, is it even possible for my ban to be lifted/reduced?
[11:32] <Fudge> and what part does the "joining cracked server" bit fit into my ban?
[11:32] <Fudge> because it seems like you're only talking about the chat spamming ban
[11:34] <SyncError|work> Well concerning other issue of joining the pirated server...
[11:34] <SyncError|work> ...and from what I've seen advertising it on ESR
[11:34] <SyncError|work> and posting to the thread after others have pointed out that it was an illegal server
[11:34] <SyncError|work> and according to these account notes, that you joined that server after the dates of the posts on ESR where it became clear that it was a pirate server..
[11:34] <SyncError|work> I think the chat spam is the lesser concern atm.
[11:34] <Fudge> im not sure about ids policy about pirated servers
[11:34] <Fudge> nothing like this has been attempted, correct?
[11:35] <SyncError|work> What do you mean?
[11:35] <Fudge> theres nothing in your policy that states you cant join servers hosted by players, right?
[11:35] <SyncError|work> Creating or joining a pirated server is against the official Terms of Use.
[11:35] <Fudge> a pirated server is a server hosted by another player?
[11:36] <Fudge> and i dont see anything about that in here..!legals/terms_of_use
[11:36] <SyncError|work> next to last
[11:37] <SyncError|work> "attempt to use Id Software software games on or thorugh any service that is not controlled or authorized by Id Software
[11:37] <SyncError|work> under User Conduct
[11:37] <Fudge> thats a bit vauge...
[11:37] <SyncError|work> Furthermore
[11:38] <Fudge> anyways it penalizes players for joining the server? not hosting them
[11:38] <Fudge> so the host of the pirated server does not get banned, but the players do
[11:38] <SyncError|work> "promote or encourage any illegal activity including hacking, cracking or distribution of counterfeit software"
[11:38] <SyncError|work> This is not something that you should be arguing with me.
[11:38] <Fudge> im not, im just having trouble processing
[11:39] <Fudge> umm isnt qlprism a violation of these terms?
[11:39] <SyncError|work> It is not vague and not up for question.
[11:39] <SyncError|work> The Terms do clearly state that it is not allowed
[11:39] <SyncError|work> Anyone we find running or joining a pirated server is subject to discplinary actions.
[11:39] <Fudge> okay
[11:39] <Fudge> so even if it is found out i did not spam servers, i'll still be banned
[11:40] <Fudge> for joining a server
[11:41] <Fudge> because the joining server violation is more servere than chat spamming, thus I'll still be banned
[11:42] <Fudge> ?
[11:43] <SyncError|work> one moment
[11:43] <Fudge> k
[11:43] <SyncError|work> phone call :)
[11:43] <Fudge> np
[11:55] <SyncError|work> back
[11:55] <Fudge> k
[11:56] <Fudge> so..
[11:56] <Fudge> so even if it is found out i did not spam servers, i'll still be banned
[11:56] <SyncError|work> So, there isn't much to say at this point. I would probably agree with you that the joining of pirated servers, and more so the public advertising of them on ESR is a greater offense than the chat spam.
[11:56] <Fudge> so even if it is found out i did not spam servers, i'll still be banned?
[11:57] <SyncError|work> Those offenses fully justify an account suspension.
[11:57] <Fudge> okay
[11:57] <SyncError|work> As I noted, our offices are closed today, but tomorrow when it is open and everyone is here..
[11:57] <SyncError|work> I'll bring the matter up for discussion between sponge and Ordus, as well as our other QL team members here at id
[11:57] <Fudge> but it doesnt matter, because ill still be banned from the pirated server offense
[11:57] <Fudge> okay
[11:57] <SyncError|work> and we'll make a decision whether that should be converted to a temporary suspension
[11:57] <SyncError|work> or how in general we wish to handle these matters.
[11:58] <Fudge> thanks for your help, and i appreciate you doing something like this on an off day
[11:58] <Fudge> :)

Since my account is banned, I'm probably going to play LoL and Counter Strike.
I'll probably turn into raythenoob, too, and get arrested for attempting to hack iD or something.