It approaches the end of year, so i thought i'd share a view of the top 16 players who just happened to hold my attention in the past 4 months, for the period of September-December 2011, taking into consideration:

- Performance in competitions (both online and LAN)
- Continuous community presence (appearance in random draft tourneys, pick-up games, even publics)
- Memorable moments from the player that other people would recognise as something special in a positive light
- "Man of the match" performances in top div team games/ domination of skilled opponent in a top-level duel match.
- The list includes both QL and Q3 players
- The list ignores weaker points by players. For example. there was a tdmpickup where i got a better fragcount, similar net, and better shaft accuracy than cypher. He was, however out of shape (and I am perpetually out of shape anyway c: ). As an ancient philosophy states, "winners don't get judged".

Anyway, here it is:

1) Cypher
2) Strenx
3) kanin/funnyb
4) ahxnxa
5) Vo0
6) Krysa
7) gooda/gda
8) ins
9) rapha
10) No0D
11) zsx
12) Memphis
13) ZLC
14) frs
15) iP|421
16) Drill