What is this?
Free Coaching is a voluntary based initiative that has as primarily goal sharing knowledge about Quake Live and helping players of any skill level in learning and improving.

Who can participate?
Anyone is welcome, either as voluntary coach, as student, or both.

How does it work?
The main form of interaction is the “coaching sessions”. Each coaching session includes a coach and one (or more) student(s), and to all extent it consists of a lecture about specific aspects of the game.

Additionally, coaches and students are welcome to discuss the coaching sessions over IRC and on the forum. Not everyone is a born coach, the same way as not everyone is a born champion. Discussing can improve the experience for everybody.

The neuralgic center of this initiative is its IRC channel #FreeCoaching on QuakeNet. See the tutorial on “how to connect” below.
The channel is like a public plaza, for coaches and students to meet, and organize coaching sessions.

General Guidelines

1.Common sense and acceptable social behavior are desirable and expected. Be respectful of the other people and you will be respected. Be positive, and it may spread to others. Create too many problems, and you will be ignored / banned.

2. Participate when you have the energy and the will of participating. While we want to keep certain standards, this is not a duty, but rather a different and positive way of interacting with the rest of the community playing a game you love. Both students and coaches matter when it comes to the atmosphere in the channel and in the game. Having a good experience starts from you.

3. Correctness and humbleness are the key. Teach when you are confident. Listen when somebody criticize you. Look for help when in doubt.


This is a voluntary initiative. Anyone who is willing to help, can help. There is no "official" vs "unofficial" coach. If you think you can teach something and follow the guidelines, you can be a coach.

The list below is just a help to keep track of the 'whereabouts' of some of the coaches. If you want your data to be added, just post a reply, or send an IM.


Anyone is welcome to join the channel and ask for help. To make things easier, you should give a few key information pieces about yourself, and about what you are looking for.

In specific, coaches want to know:
- where do you play (continent/region)
- what game-mode you would like to train
- what skill level are you (elo/tier)
- Anything more specific

<jsnow> North America, Duel, 1300elo, looking for help playing Toxicity
<LittleFinger> Central Europe, CA, Tier2, need help with close combat!


What now?

This initiative is as good as the collective effort we put into it. We can make the difference.

Now, it's all about letting people know about this initiative, join the channel, and get involved! There are surely different aspects that can be improved, especially on the technical parts, so don't hold your thoughts back. A few comments and ideas have been posted in the original forum discussion.

- Are you a an IRC bot expert?
- Do you host ts3/vents/mumble servers?

IM me, or joing #FreeCoaching on QuakeNet.