This is a real laugh. I get banned from the forums, for calling this guy relove a slum lord.

and well it turns out relove is already banned from the game as it says on his profile.

So i get banned for calling the guy a slum lord? really? slum lord is a bad word now? thats harrassment. I harrassed a god dam cheater and i get banned for it?

and this guys is free to post propaganda against fair play on the forums still?

I mean if you ever needed proof this was a cheaters game now you have it. How much more do you need. F>U ID. and F this whole community.

if you ever want to know who the people are responsible for killing this game are. just go to a private server.

you know those "unrestricted" servers... that they make fkn ranked! hahahah I mean doesn't that say it all? those are the guys who killed quake. anybody paying for this fucking game, who wants to get rid of tiers and stats. is a god dam cheater. and you don't have to bot to be a dishonest unsportsmanlike pos.

look around you... its the majority of people you play with....its what ql has been infamous for the past 10 years. I really think theres no hope.