Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 16 October 2011 to 16:55 CDT, 16 October 2011
Schedule: Passed

With first match week behind us, we continue with the second. First scheduled match is between Sweden aCtion (lost in previous round) and Slovenia mamut (won in previous round), but most interesting match in this round might happen to be Hungary E versus Russia iP, who both took 2-0 wins in previous round. Also important to mention is that we have set up some new rules regarding streams, so make sure to read it.

Upcoming match/es:
14:00 CDT, 16 October 2011 | Hungary Excelsior - incredible Panic Russia - wildcard
16:00 CDT, 16 October 2011 | Spain District 9 - Enemy Unknown Europe - wildcard

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