In an interview given to VG247, answering about Carmack's QuakeCon keynote mentioning that Quakelive isn't the expected success, Todd Hollenshead is implicitly saying that new things should happen soon to Quakelive:
"The thing for us with Quake Live is that thereís one specific thing that can be isolated here. The in-game advertising model hasnít delivered as promised. And I donít think thatís specific to Quake Live. [...] We changed up stuff with the subscription model, we added ads on the website, we have video advertising Ė just things like that to bolster up what weíve lost. So I still think the jury hasnít come in and given the verdict yet. As long as Iíve got an opportunity to try and do something with Quake Live Ė because I love the game Ė [I'll do it]. The game is an entertainment success, so now we have to figure out how to make the business model work."

Will those things be bad or good for our game ? Are they new in-game features or heavier marketing support or something else ? What do you think and what do you expect from Todd to revivify QL and attract new players ?

Source: VG247