okay. so 5 razer diamondback mice died on me. it was an ok mouse, i felt comfortable with it. then i got two razer abyssus and while i feel that that's the perfect mouse for me, the left mouse button broke after using it 2-3 months on both mice.

i got enough of razer mice. so i finally bought my first logitech mouse, the g400. and while i kinda like it after a few hours of quake, there's one thing that drives me crazy: why, OH WHY are there buttons that let's me change the dpi ON TOP OF THE MOUSE?
who the hell switches the dpi on the fly? why situate those buttons above and below the scroll wheel? why would someone who designes a mouse suited for gaming position buttons in such a way that it's very easy to press them on accident and then even make those buttons change the dpi?

i have not installed any drivers. i can't change the function of those buttons.
now i could install the drivers, which might enable me to change the function of those buttons. but the driver seems to be a piece of shit.
do i really have to disassemble the mouse and disconnect the buttons by hand and void the warranty?