Hello folks,

I was inspired by Phil's post and started thinking of doing some Duel Commentary of the games I play, trying to explain what is going on and what I think I should do.

Commentary Videos

These are full commentary videos with editing and eye-candies. The quality improved over time, so you can take the last videos as an example.

I'd like to use these to really go into some specific aspects of the game, possibly writing stuff on the screen, and making them a mix of commentary and tutorial.

Spawn-System Videos

These videos are my attempt to discuss the spawn system. Please notice that time has passed since I first made them. In the meanwhile I realized that some rules are not exactly what I thought, and in fact I realized that the Interactive Spawn Visualizations (news, wiki) are probably better than any video. Still, I include the videos here for completion.


I put here other videos that might be of interest.