Hi all, well years ago I had a cfg that i remember i really liked when i was on Win2k when i played quake 3, especially sensitivity. Now i'm on WinXP and have been for a very long time, But i cant remember how different the sensitivity/mouse feel on win2000 was from XP when i changed.

So basically i'm interested if anyone knows if win2000 and winXP have the exact same mouse input/speed/feel/etc, and if say for example sensitivity 8 in quake 3 for Windows2000 is the exact same as sensitivity 8 in winXP (after XP registry mouse fix. oh and for defaults which is what i used). I dont remember the cm/360 because this was looong time ago before every1 knew to do this test, obv if i did i wouldnt be asking this..

ofc i play QL now, but i mean for in_mouse 1, and anyway in_mouse 2 is not so diff (:/ so many mouse settings).

And if not the same, is there any way/known method to replicate a similar sens in WinXP? Or a way to know how many cm/360 a certain sensi was in Windows 2000 so i can try to make something similar in XP, as i Realllly would like to find this sensitivity.. ?

Anyone please help.. thx ! :D