4Seasons Gaming is proud to announce the first Official Quake Live LAN competition (technically the first real one) to be held in the Oceanic region. This of course will be at Reloaded VII, July 15-17. Many thanks to id Software for making this happen, and hopefully we will continue to build from this amazing opportunity. Partnering for the event will be Tt eSPORTS Australia and Game Traders, and as always, 4seasons Gaming will be running two fully prize equipped duel competitions.

With an attendance already confirmed from the majority of the best Australian Quake Duelers, teams such as Vox Eminor and ArchaicMSI will also be flying players down for the event. The Pro's section of the competition will be the highlight for Reloaded VII, and will become the greatest 4sg produced competition to date. 10 Custom built PC's provided by Tt eSPORTS Australia will be provided for the Professional players travelling interstate, and setup in the Tt eSPORTS Arena. The Amateur competition will be BYOC only. Prizes are as followed

Links: 4sg (Facebook mIRC YouTube), Reloaded, Tt eSPORTS, Game Traders