it seems like so many people(here, at least) are unhappy with what QL has turned into, that i'm wondering if they will ever be happy with anything else.

do you think there will ever be a game that comes out and creates such a splash that current quakelive players will switch to it?

what do you think it would take for this to happen? (in terms of gameplay mechanics, who makes it, cost to play, accessibility, etc.)

there's a lot more to this than what i've written here, but it's just a start:

accessibility is a big factor these days, so if we're talking about a big company putting a new game out, there's going to be a lot of corporate BS about appealing to a wide range of people. if you want the good production value, the best programmers, the best minds in the gaming industry, (all of the stuff that comes along with a big name studio working on a game) then you are going to have to make some sacrifices.

what i'm saying is, just for an example, look at just one aspect of playing quake: movement. if a big name studio made a quake-esque game today, they would undoubtedly get rid of strafejumping because it is an extremely unintuitive mechanic that has so much of an impact on the game, that when people who can't strafejump play quake, they're essentially playing a different game. have you ever tried getting someone into quake? i have, and i can tell you the hardest part is trying to teach someone how to move. if you can't move, you can't play, it's that simple.

now, i can already hear the people saying "WELL GOOD, MAYBE THOSE NEWB FUCK SHOULD JUST STAY OUT OF QUAKE" but i have to say this is a really bad way to be. you should WANT your sport to attract new competition. you should WANT the game to be appealing and easy to learn for new players. if you play against the same 20 people, what the fuck are you learning? you're not learning the game, you're learning the people and their tendencies on each map. but if you have 1000 people to play against, how are you going to remember how each one plays? you have to start thinking in terms of "what works in the game" not just "what works against this player".

i feel the idea of accessibility is lost on this community and i'm probably going to get laughed at or shit on for proposing that we "dumb down" quake.

anyway, that's my 2 cents, what do you guys think?