I'll make my story as short as possible, during this month i had an immense amount of free time so i decided to spend it playing l4d2 and CSS as often as possible, as some of you may know, both games now support raw input.

I've found myself switching mice all the time, abyssus has 1000hz out of the box, rubber coating on top which feels pretty nice but the sharp edges and the whole shape sometimes irritates me plus we all know how jittery can its tracking be on most clothpads ( even on func-c series which i'm using right ) , explorer 3.0 fits my hand like a glove, but it's kinda to big when i want to do tight turns with a 30cm/360 sens, zowie ms 1.1 black is feels more "manouverable" but it doesn't fit my hand like 3.0 plus its grip isn't very good, if my palm sweats then it feels slippery and hard to control, if it is clean and dry then the mouse surface sticks to my hand almost like glue, not very pleasant really.

mx510 has rubbber on the sides and decent ergonomics in general but it can't do 500hz, plus i kinda need 1800dpi for l4d2. oh here are my settings for reference : 120hz 1680*1080 mark C fix win7 64bit hidusbf 500hz tweak 6/11 windows pointer speed, sensitiivty 1.0 dpi 1800 ~ 30cm/360

Soooo, i bought a brand new mx518, the one with black logitech G5 like feet and the 1800dpi sensor, i got 3 problems so far.

1) 500hz through hidusbf utility is not very consistent, mouserate.exe shows 498 499 500 248 499 498 etc

2) If i use sensitivity 3.0 and 400dpi in CSS ( raw input enabled of course ) and do try to do a whole 360 turn by basically moving my hand very fast across the pad then the mouse skips and my crosshair points down on the floor

3) I get negative accel in l4d2 using the settings mentioned above, ( only if i do fast swipes of course ) i couldn't notice any negative accel at 1800dpi while i was using abyssus, is that normal ? What kind of shitty sensor is that ?

Do you think that zowie ec2 will suit me ? how is the malfunction speed at 500 and 1000dpi ? ( 1000dpi + 1.8 ingame sens equals to 1800 and 1.0 sens which in turn equals to 400dpi and 4.5 sens, right ? ) Any european store atm with a good offer or something ? The plastic sides on abyssus didn't irrate me that much, so should i get the black version ? looks so sexy :D

Thanks for your attention :)