Scheduled: 17:00 GMT, 20 November 2010 to 22:00 GMT, 20 November 2010
Schedule: Passed

The guys from Team Level are organizing a new cup, I got lost in the count, on Saturday 20th featuring TDM 2v2! The matches will be played as bo1 on a Double Elimination system, with the grand final played as bo3.

The default location for the matches is Russia#2, but teams can agree to play somewhere else. Check-in will start at 16:40 GMT on mIRC #level.ql and the matches at 17:00 GMT.

1st - iP (421, Karroider)
2nd - b100 (Ash, Limon)
3rd - DVT (emerka, lexaaa)
4th - iP' (Pavel, mt_CTAPOCTA)
Streams:, CyberFight, Team Level
Links: Brackets, mIRC #level.ql