Name: G.I. Jonesy
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What aspects of QL are legitimately better than Q3? Only the auto-installer and the interface. Almost everything else is worse. The installer is not some great, genius, original work of id software. Look at Wizard 101. It's got the same kind of installer, and it's a game for children.

Why not merge the Polish Q3 installer with cpma, adding an improved interface? You could even possibly convince something like clanbase to mod a league or ladder directly into the cpma system. That way, excluding maybe a few of the QL maps, we'd already have something better than QL. We would have GTV, easy-to-load demo's, and all the other freedom's we enjoy in Q3 but not in QL (including the ability to further mod the game and develop new maps better than QL maps). Is it really so difficult to build a new interface? Because other than that, it's just a simple matter of merging the Polish installer with the cpma game files. Even without a built-in ladder, we'd still have better than QL because QL also has no built-in ladder.

The unfortunate reality is, the QL team has shown no evidence of provide the things we need, or even the things we want. As a person of no faith, I need evidence, and with id, there is none.