We are in the fifth and final match week in the group stage. First 3 teams from both groups have their spot already secured in the playoffs.

In the group A though Finland xentorium is closest to securing spot for themselves if they win their final match vs Europe e-violence. If not Poland mowers might have a chance IF they win their both matches, which is not likely to happen but chance is still there.
15:00 CDT, 2 November 2010 Europe 4K 1-0 mow Poland - mow forfeited
16:00 CDT, 2 November 2010 Europe 4K 2-0 alpha Europe - (Match report & demos, HS VOD Map 1, HS VOD Map 2, lvl^ tv VOD)
15:00 CDT, 3 November 2010 Europe evo 0-2 xt Finland - (Match report & demos)
15:30 CDT, 3 November 2010 Europe METSU 1-0 FLiNE Europe - FLiNE forfeited
13:00 CST, 7 November 2010 Germany dr - mow Poland - mow dropped
15:00 CST, 7 November 2010 Europe faces 2-0 aCtion Sweden - (Match report & demos)

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