The first eSports Yearbook is available for download and in print now.

The eBook version is entirely for free. The idea behind this book is that an overview of the eSports scene is collected every year. Students at universities could then find the articles via google's booksearch and quote from them for their papers on eSports or gaming. All players, managers, writers, photographers and other eSports representatives or even artists can contribute to the book. We tried to find a good mix of different eSports people from all over the world. You will find an article about Anton "Cooller" Singov, written by Konstantin Bös. Stermy himself wrote an article called "Stermy's Life Story" and Grubby talks about his first tournament.

We hope that the book will help people in eSports to present their causes and projects better to the press or sponsors. Please send your contributions and ideas until November 30th 2010. If you are working on papers about gaming or eSports at your university, please also consider handing in articles about your papers/research. The eSports Yearbook 2010 will be published in February 2011. Everything that you contribute should be about the eSports year 2010. All ideas and criticism are welcome. The email address for the editorial team is:

Currently the book is also being translated into Russian and will be published soon on

You can also order the book from and (if it appears as temporarily not available, it should be fixed soon). And if you would like to order the book in a store you need this: ISBN number: 978-3839164310.

Links: Download, Facebook eSports Yearbook