After dominating the Quake scene in 2009, United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson was thrown off his throne by EG player DaHanG at the IEM NA Finals. At the World Championship in Hannover rapha took revenge with a 3:0 victory and is looking stronger than ever. fragster sat down with him to talk about his performance and the US scene.
You mentioned that you practiced with Cooller a lot before the Event. So what did you expect before the game and what do you think about how it went?

rapha: Well our styles clash and I have the feeling that we know each other inside out. There were so many times where one of us tried to attack and he was just shot down immediately. Or we would know that one of us is waiting in a certain area to catch the other out, so we would always choose the right path to run away. The first mistake normally costs a match, so it is about who will do less mistakes during the game. I did too many yesterday and he managed to win and rightfully so. I hope I get to face Cooller in the final but if I don't, I am not worried about it. I am only worried about getting into the final.
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