I am sick of razer and their mice, the lift off distances are very high and their sensors jitter on my talent so i am looking for alternatives.

I love the shape of my deathadder and since it copied the intelimouse explorer 3.0's shape I figured it would be a good choice. I also read people claiming 1.2mm lift off on all surfaces which is a MAJOR plus since i am dealing with 3.6mm lift off with this deathadder.

My question is about Sujoy's mousescore where he explains how much DPI is useful. I game at 1680x1050 at a medium sensitivity of roughly 10 inches for a 360. Using his formula 672 DPI would be useful to me. Since the IE 3.0 is only a 400DPI mouse will this cause pixel skipping or any other unwanted behavior while keeping windows sensitivity at 6/11 and increasing in game sensitivity?