About a month after the launch of #cpmduel at quakenet they arranged their first duel tournament this weekend.

The tournament itself went on very smoothly where almost everyone involved were happy with it. The ones who weren't happy about it was Poland buxter who played in the winner bracket-final game versus Lithuania eThaD. eThaD beat him in two straight maps and threw him into the loser brackets where he got knocked out.

eThad at Dreamhack Winter 2008

A few hours after the cup was finished a demo was published on challenge-tv.com where the poster "QuakeSuperHero" accused eThaD of using wallhack.
While watching the demo he think he caught eThaD at least 29 times where he's had to have wallhack. (note that a CPM duel is 10min).

Some parts of the CPM community has turned against eThaD and some support him in this. The discussion at challenge-tv.com has started where it seems like most people thinks he cheats.

ethad seems to counter this very calmly and not doing anything until buxter wants to have a chat at irc.

Wallhack or not? Discuss!

Statement by buxter
<buxter> frankly, i don't care about this whole mess, it wasn't me who started it, i gave my opinion with explanation, controversial as it might be but still only my point of view, and nothing more, certainly not proof of QUakeSuperHero thesis.
Actually it's this QuakeSuperHero that's the bad guy, not buxter. Pardons to buxter!