In video form?

The two that stick out in my mind the most are;

Cypher beating Cooller @ ESWC Athens

Cl0ck losing to Cooller @ ESWC 2005

(Footage of Clock at that moment @ 4:12),18140.html

I like the Cypher one the most because you can see the guilt running through him so much. The person that helped him (probably the most) in Quake, was now just defeated because of himself.

I know there's more situations (Cooller ranting after losing to Spart1e, Forever bottle incident, Vo0 chair) but only a few are in video format.

Any others out there?

EDIT: Forgot these ones. Might as well be classics.

Celex @ ESL IEM 2008 Montreal

Serennia and Swarm @ ESL IEM 2008 LA