I can't help but wonder why everybody there seems to have huge expectations for QL actually.

This move is not expected to be some kind of evolution of this franchise but rather an attempt to target different demographics, to bring new generation of pc players up to 10+ years old gameplay mechanics. The entire QL's point is to deliver old-school deathmatch gameplay to "softcore" players so they could just try it for free and see if they like that kind of games.

That's just an experiment of nearly zero cost (in terms of company, ofc).

Once id Software sees reasonable commercial potential in further development of franchise (Quake 5 or whatsoever) they will bring it up, fully functional and powered with brand new id Tech 5.

So it's a bit delusive to ask for new maps and to hope for all these "days of glory" suddenly coming back with QL's introduction. Hardcore players got their awesome and polished Q3 with tons of unplayed maps. Newbies got their free2play browser shooter to kill time with.

Don't expect too much from a free game really...